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the way it used to be

you look a bit like coffee
25 June 1990
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olive green

filing cabinets
waiting room carpets
and turntable mats
and bank lamps
Great Uncle's legs
and corduroy trousers
the smell of pipes
naps in the afternoon
and radio plays
and Brenda
spinach and grass in a mud pie
Art Deco houses
lentils with leeks
and the sound of mussel lips squelching
old sofas dragging through smelly old blocks of flats
damp and clammy reptile houses in March
and old steam trains laden with golden syrup tins
an offer youcan't~refuse, anythinggoes, asyouwish, avantegarde + kitsch, bang-bang maxwell's silver hammer, belle&sebastian~, bigboldstripes (ohmy!), books&other things, camera obscura(letsgetoutofthis country), cherry coke&vanilla ice cream, chocolatepudding~, cold nights at starbucks, de ja vu&mirrored walls, delusional rock stars, discovery channel prodigies, e.e.cummings;;, fool-proof conspiracies, hershey's specialdark chocolate, ice cream sandwich day, imfrom~barcelona, it's a nuclear show, killing off innocentvirtualpets, lazydays with aimeemann&air, maraschinos in fizzysyrup, my oatmealcookies(homemade), navyblue corduroy blazers, nemequittepas (mon cher), neopolitan bonaparte, o henry&truman capote, ohmydarling clementine, oneofthese-days, red double deckers, redpolkadots, reginaspektor;, savethecheerleader(savetheworld), she loves you yeahyeahyeah, stark clawfoot tubs, surrey in the rain, the beatles rock&roll, the;sixties, when i wakeupearlyinthemorning